8 point plank

Posted by David Wang 2 years, 10 months ago Comments

  1. Begin with your hands, elbow, knees, toes and pelvis anchored on the floor.
  2. Start to lift your face away (perpendicularly) from the floor by pulling your chin back into the spine.
  3. When you cannot pull back any further, starting lifting the upper torso away from the floor from the upperback, then the midback.

    *Throughout the exercise, keep your core braced, and do not use your lowerback to pull. Your gluteus muscles (buttock) relaxed at all times.
  4. Pull your limbs (elbows and knees) inward towards the core.
  5. Hold in this posture for as long as you can. Remember to keep breathing big and brace hard.

    * The exercise is designed to activate your core muscles and is a great precursor to other foundation exercises.
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