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Shiatsu therapy is focused on treating specific points of the body by applying thumb and palm pressure.

shi (finger)
atsu (pressure)

The technique is created by Namikoshi sensei.

Full body course, sixty minutes


Region-focused, thirty minutes


Please note that shiatsu therapy is not covered under 'registered' massage.

Doctors of chiropractic are experts at the art of delivering the spinal adjustment. Otherwise, the chiropractor is also a problem solver who examines and finds dysfunctions on the patient's body and function. The chiropractor then chooses the appropriate measure to treat the problem.

new patient visit


return visit


digital x.ray


orthotics Rx


Almost all extended healthcare plans (3rd party insurance) do cover chiropractic treatment but not shiatsu therapy. We suggest you to inquire your insurance carrier for specific details of coverage prior to the visit.

During your visit and if time allows, we are happy to submit your claims for you. Please be reminded that it is a courtesy and not a requirement to do so.

Our service fees are updated and reflective of our professional college and association's recommendations.

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