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Fee Schedule Restructing

Updated: Jun 26

As of June 2024, we have updated the clinic fee schedule. This is to reflect on the different types of patient needs and demands. It is as follows: (中文解說)

New patients (chiro)

New investigative visit (30min)


see 1


New standard visit (20min)


see 2

Returning patients (chiro)

Returning basic visit (10min)


see 3


Returning complex visit (20min)


see 4

  1. The New investigate visit (full-length) is for new patients who have complicated conditions with unknown or uncertain causes. Examples:

    1. Chronic unresolved pain (more than 3 months without improvements)

    2. More than 2 regions of complaint and pain

    3. The patient requires more time for in-depth questions and answers.

  2. The New standard visit is for all other new patients with common conditions with known causes. Examples: 

    1. Sore back from sitting too much

    2. A non-severe sports injury

    3. Motor vehicle accident – whiplash

    4. Standard spinal check-up and adjustment.

  3. The Returning basic visit (adjustment-only) is for returning patients with simple and common issues that can be improved with adjustments. You can expect a standard chiropractic adjustment session here. Note: You should NOT book this session if any of the extended visit criteria (below) applies to you.

  4. The Returning complex visit is for returning patients who require more time and input from the chiropractor. Examples:

    1. Experiencing a new condition that you feel is complex and requires in-depth management

    2. Seeking in-depth answers to your current condition

    3. Have more than 2 regions of pain and discomfort.

*All of our other services (digital x-ray, orthotics and shiatsu therapy) will retain the same structure with the same fees (except full-body shiatsu).

**Click here to see more tips on booking.


(1) New investigate visit (30 min) 適用於複雜病情和不明原因的新患者。例如:

  • 慢性未改善之疼痛/症狀(超過3個月無改善)

  • 超過2個部位的疼痛或症狀

  • 患者需要更多時間進行深入的調查、解答。

(2) New standard visit (20 min) 適用於常見病情。 例如:

  • 因久坐導致的背部疼痛

  • 非嚴重運動損傷

  • 交通事故 - 車禍後頸部扭傷

  • 例行的脊椎檢查和調理。

(3) Returning basic visit (10 min) 適用於有簡單常見問題的回訪患者,亦能經由脊骨調理而改善。注意:如果你需要更多時間諮詢或是有多部位的症狀及疼痛,請勿預訂此會診。

(4) Returning complex visit (20 min) 適用於需要更多時間的回訪患者。 例如:

  • 需要深入調查較複雜或是沒有明確病因之新病情

  • 對病情需要深入的諮詢、解答

  • 有超過2個部位的疼痛和症狀。

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