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FAQs (bookings) and everything else..

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

A few basics to booking:

  • Book online. The online booker displays all of our availabilities in real-time. Upon having booked online, you'll receive an emailed confirmation of the appointment. The online booker has been a staple and success of our clinic for the past 6 years.

  • There is a reschedule/cancel link on all appointment-confirmation emails sent to you. For returning patients, there is no penalty to this. You're free to do so at your own discretion without calling the clinic, but please, use only when urgent.

  • New patients must prepay for the first appointment (return visits do not require prepayment). Then, you'd simply arrive for the appointment to fill a short form, receive treatment and leave with your receipt already printed or emailed to you.

Booking FAQs

  1. Why can't new patients book over the phone?

    1. Prepayment has to be made through PayPal (or credit/debit card direct). The other option is to pay our frontdesk in-person and during clinic hours.

  2. Can you squeeze me in?

    1. For return visits (15 minutes), we can try to fit you into our break-time or after-hours. If that's not possible, we will notify you when someone reschedules/cancels.

    2. For new patient visits (25 minutes), we do not have a same-day wait-list since it is much harder to fit in.

  3. My condition is especially severe and I cannot wait until your first availability for new patients visits, which is weeks away. What can you do for me?

    1. We are more than happy to fit you in for an urgent visit. To do this, you'll still have to book a New Patient visit regardless of the date (which may be weeks ahead in the future), proceed with prepayment, write us an email detailing your condition, and then we will notify you upon the first availability to see you. This tends to be within a two or three days.

  4. I'm running late for my appointment. What should I do?

    1. Take your time and don't rush. We'll still try to see you, but your appointment duration will be reduced accordingly. Make sure you plan ahead next time!

  5. A 15 minute or 25 minute session may not be enough for my condition. Is there a longer duration visit?

    1. Yes, you can always book two visits back-to-back.

  6. Why isn't there any new patient slots on days when return visit slots are clearly available? (Addendum OCT/2021)

    1. It's because we've limited new patient availability to a threshold in order to allow our returning patients to obtain priority on booking.

Everything else..

  1. Why won't you pick up the phone?

    1. We're either really busy or not in the clinic at all!

    2. Due to the prevalence of scam calls, advertising and inconsiderate callers, our proclivity to answer is at an all-time low. Nonetheless, we still try our best to answer the phone, despite the fact that appointment changes can be made online and all clinic info is listed on the website.

  2. Can you do direct billing?

    1. The short answer is yes, but it depends. Some benefit plans do not allow for direct billing, while most others do.

      1. Amongst those that do, most will pay directly to the practitioner, while others pay the primary insurer only. We have no control over this.

      2. Amongst those that don't allow, you must claim for the reimbursements yourself.

    2. Ideally, we are a cash-based practice. When it's convenient, we will make claims for you. However, if patients who are oblivious to coverage details and become argumentative when we ask to collect a co-pay or a deductible amount, this is where we ask you to claim on your own behalf.

If you aren't able to find an answer to your question. Please feel free to write a comment below.

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