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Level up your energy state

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

So you've had a long week. There was too much work and unfinished business. You're exhausted and constantly sleepy. Your energy is depleted. Luckily, the weekend is finally here, but it never seems to be enough for your overall energy state to recover.

To make things worst, you never get enough 'quality sleep' because of your poor sleeping habits. So you never have enough energy to go exercise or do chores. NOTHING is working!

Perhaps you believe that your energy is limited - that after expending it on work and the bare basics of life, it simply drains out like your cell phone battery going to 0% and there's just no other way to it. But you're wrong. Energy can be created.

Mental, physical and spiritual energy can all be created. It all starts with knowing that you have such potential.

The great economist Milton Friedman once said, "life isn't a zero-sum game." At the time, he talked of wealth creation - such that if person A profits, it is not because person A cheated and coerced the money away from person B, but because person A created the wealth by being valuable to person B. So often, this creation of value requires a great deal of ingenuity, effort and time to produce a valuable product desired by others. Energy creation follows the same principle. Today's you spends whatever energy you have left to do some work, and tomorrow's you may benefit accordingly. When this is performed in a perpetual loop the future you is then rewarded a massive creation of new energy.

Examples of such work or task could be:

  • washing your car weekly

  • or sorting all of your clothing into neat little piles

  • a nightly 15 minute bedtime stretch

  • hanging on the monkey bar daily, which gradually turns into mini pull-ups

  • skipping breakfast to fast intermittently

  • take the stairs instead of the elevator

Pick one or two, and keep doing it until it is no longer difficult to do. It'll start to feel routine and less challenging. In other words, as you get used to the simple work, you can then move on to harder and more complicated tasks. Your method of energy creation evolves.

Eventually, it'll start to feel better as you keep building on the momentum.

Every time you do something challenging or difficult, it raises your energy state. With time and effort, you arrive at a different place in life, where your energy state exponentiates and resembles that of an epic wave. All sorts of great things may follow: better sleep, better stamina and incredible energy levels.

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